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MERRY CHRISTMAS DAY EIGHT! >> for usedtobending & violetion

I figured my flist needed a break from me spamming their friends' page with Christmas posts but ironically it only delayed my posting more so here's my gifts for JANUARY 1st for usedtobending & summerstorm. I'm deeply in love with the music I posted so hope you enjoy it yes? :D

for michelle & lix (usedtobending & summerstorm)
'sid/cassie fanmix with graphics & christmas card (for lix)'

Dear Lix and Michelle,
You both introduced me to 'Skins' and for that, I thank you for making my life a little better. You two are fabulous girls and two of my longest friends here on livejournal. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (obviously belated but nonetheless, genuine) ♥

DOWNLOAD ALL SONGS here with graphics
or download songs one-by-one

HOTEL SONG « regina spektor
CASSIE'S P.O.V: Right after she gets out of rehab, she meets Sid with no intention but to "have fun"
Come into my bed / I've got to know, know, know you

SHE IS « the fray
SID'S P.O.V: Sid realizes Cassie is everything he's ever wanted and needs to be with her
This is going to bring me clarity / This'll take the heart right out of me / This is going to bring me to my knees

CASSIE'S P.O.V: Cassie attempts suicide because of Sid
Yeah I think that I might break / I've lost myself again and I feel unsafe

WORN ME DOWN « rachel yamagata
CASSIE'S P.O.V: After all Cassie's attempts to get Sid to love her, he still falls for Michelle
Worn me down like a road / I did anything you told / Worn me down to my knees / I did anything to please / But you can't stop thinking about her

RUIN « the pierces
CASSIE'S P.O.V: Cassie can't take the heartache anymore and just wants the worst for Sid
This, is the end of us / You will never hear my voice again

BRIGHT LIGHTS « matchbox twenty
SID'S P.O.V: Sid realizes that Cassie has left him for NYC and he wants her back
Some things you dont leave until they leave you / And then the things that you miss, you say / Baby, baby, baby when all your love is gone / Who will save me from all I'm up against out in this world

SID/CASSIE'S P.O.V: There's no happy ending left for the two
Can't get no love without sacrifice / If anything should happen, I guess I wish you well / A little bit of heaven, but a little bit of hell

Four to finish? *sigh of relief*
Tags: gifts: twelve days of christmas, goodies: fanmix, holiday: christmas
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