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31 December 2010 @ 02:33 am
(now) Friends Only

Welcome to my babble-space.
Curious about finding out more?
I promise I don't bite.

control yourself, take only what you need from it...Collapse )
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SOUNDBYTE: ♪ How My Heart Behaves [by] Feist
24 September 2010 @ 10:51 am
Today is her wake and tomorrow is her funeral. God, please give me the strength to get through these days. I don't know if I'm strong enough to face this...

Mai Tais x Risky Business x sleeping with Casey x Garwoods x ducks x Mr. Corson hating on us x pointing out the fact that I'm blind as a dingbat x Phys-ed class Freshman year where you would always pass me on track x Chobani Yogurt x twirling your hair x BOYSBOYSBOYS! x planning on giving Ali a makeover x eating lunch in the Chorus Room x heart-to-hearts in the chorus room x volunteer trips x maid-of-honors x gossiping about high school x little sisters' prom = ALL THE HAPPY MOMENTS WE SHARED TOGETHER (I'll add more later...)

This song reminds me of her so much, it just encompasses everything I feel about her:
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I figured my flist needed a break from me spamming their friends' page with Christmas posts but ironically it only delayed my posting more so here's my gifts for JANUARY 1st for usedtobending & summerstorm. I'm deeply in love with the music I posted so hope you enjoy it yes? :D

for michelle & lix (usedtobending & summerstorm)
I like the things that I like, but I love everything!Collapse )

Four to finish? *sigh of relief*
SOUNDBYTE: ♪ Nobody [by] Wondergirls
These are presents for DECEMBER 29th for my darling simply_strange! I'm almost done... only seven to finish up?

for cheska (simply_strange)
An artist has no home in Europe is except in ParisCollapse )
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SOUNDBYTE: ♪ Last of Days [by] A Fine Frenzy